Fine Art of Architecture: B&W Photography by Joel Tjintjelaar

black white curved facade

Highly refined yet ever-evolving, the work of this photographer started with portraiture, moved through landscapes and seascapes, and has for a time now focused on architecture, capturing even conventional structures in amazing ways.

black white curved buildings

black white tension bridge

WebUrbanist recently asked Joel Tjintjelaar of BWVision more about his history, process and transition from taking photographs to also teaching photography and post-processing techniques. The resulting interview follows below.

black white up angle

black white abstract view

While the results of his recent work may look like a fine stylistic stopping point to some, Joel states: “My workflow has changed gradually over time and will continue to change. It will never stop changing and it should never stop changing. The day I stop evolving is the day I should quit creating images.”

black white vertical

black white historic skyscraper

black white ledge

In part, the evolution of that work is tied to the teaching he does in at workshops in real life and also online via master classes and videos like this one on long exposure workflow.  Teaching, he notes, “forces me to be critical at my own work as well and to try to understand my own photography better, and more importantly: what drives me to create the pictures I [take] …. I teach them that fine art photography is not so much about technical qualities and skills but more about being able to express who you really are in a way that offers a completely new point of view for the viewer and leaves him changed.”