Gabriel Dawe: Threading His Way to Art Museums

Gabriel Dawe is a mixed media artist who loves using textiles in new and interesting ways, creating cascades of color that are reminiscent of his childhood in Mexico. Gabriel’s use of thread shows that exceptionally intricate designs can emerge from incredibly limited and unexpected materials.

(Images via gabrieldawe, sweet-station, thefoxisblack, scene360, sweet-station)

Many of Gabriel Dawes’ exhibits only utilize thread, wood, and nails in order to create walls of color. The open space between the threads causes a gorgeous blending effect that changes depending on the angle with which the exhibition is viewed.

(Images via utdallas, weareprettybeautiful, evewithoutadamblackmaths, welcometohr)

These images give a better indication of how many threads Gabriel uses to achieve the subtle blending from one color to another. Each thread is placed carefully, creating a piece that can be appreciated far away and close up.

(Images via svrta, weareprettybeautiful, ajanicreativityjournalhubmagazine)

One of the most interesting aspects of Gabriel’s exhibits are the differences one sees depending on perspective. The piece has an incredible depth if looked at head on, and becomes a pretty spectrum of color when viewed from the side.

(Images via fossil, assemblyline-collective, byczekhaft2)

Few artists would think to construct their carefully crafted art out of nothing but thread, but Gabriel is proving that creativity can stem from any material.