Top Scorers: The Best Video Game Costumes

Do you consider yourself an elite gamer? If you show up on Halloween dressed like Lady Gaga, you’re not. The most intense gamers would never think of celebrating Halloween (or their favorite convention) dressed as anything but one of their favorite video game characters, and believe me, they get really into it. Here are some of the coolest video game costumes ever:

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The Legend of Zelda is a classic, and second only to Super Mario Bros in terms of how many people wiled away their priceless youth hacking away at their video game system, trying their best to defeat Ganon in all his incarnations. These costumes are regal with just enough ridiculous to bring a grin to any fan’s face.

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Star Fox was revolutionary when it premiered as a three dimensional fighter pilot game, and its main protagonist, Fox McCloud quickly became a fan favorite that’s since shown up in several crossover Nintendo franchises, including the popular party game “Super Smash Brothers”

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Pikachu is the undisputed star of the Pokemon video games and television series. With his pipsqueak vocals, intense loyalty, and ability to fling lightning bolts, he’s a little guy you don’t want to mess with. He’s not the fiercest character, but for those who want to dress up as a calmer, gentler, character, he’s a great choice.

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Super Mario Bros was arguably the game of the decade when it originally came out. Much like the Simpsons became an international sensation via the television screen, those plumber brothers hit our culture hard, and nobody has looked at a block of bricks the same way since. Most Super Mario Bros costumes end up being bland Mario and Luigi getups, but there are a lot more characters to choose from, and a lot of ways to mix up the typical outfit.

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Halo has become a phenomenon to the point that the intense Master Chief costume is no longer as impressive as it used to be. A giant Arbiter costume with an animatronic headpiece will still knock the socks off the most jaded costume aficionados, however. It pays to be creative, and over the top.

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BioShock is famous for the fearsome Big Daddy’s that roam its dark halls, and the Little Sisters that they try so hard to protect. One would think a character in a huge, bulky diving suit would be difficult to replicate, and that’s definitely true… it doesn’t stop the most diehard fans, however, as you can see above.

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Samus, of Metroid fame, blew our minds when it was revealed that there was actually a beautiful woman under all that gear, and since then she’s become a fan favorite. For any girl who wants to bash the Princess Peach stereotype and become as badass as possible, she’s clearly the character to be. Her costume is difficult to create, but when it’s well done, it’s hard to beat.