Rural Urbanism: Forest Community of One-Pole Tree Houses

treehouse model

Pristine nature versus urban development seem ever at war, but this designer proposes a low-impact, small-footprint approach for cross-kingdom co-habitation between people and trees.

treehouse community rendering example

treehouse forest close up

Konrad Wójcik of Aalborg, Denmark has modeled his design on the shape and functions of trees, envisioning a forest where these living modules are found interspersed within existing organic ecosystems rather than displacing them.

treehouse impact study diagram

treehouse elevation plan inspiration

treehouses situated in forest

tree house presentation

He notes that “for most of the animals, trees are the best natural shelters against predators, moisture and weather. Coincidence? We must remember that in nature nothing is accidental. Everything has a reason and a purpose. It all balance out.”