Back To The Future: 29 Thrilling Concept Cars & Designs

Concept cars are some of the coolest and popular manifestations of futurism today. Much like the clothing in fashion shows, these designs are meant to be inspirational thought experiments of what features and designs might be just around the bend. Some are actually built, but most don’t make it off the computer screen.

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Some of the most interesting concept cars have wheel setups that differ drastically from the norm. A three wheeled vehicle is immediately striking, and many designers like to make the wheels a highly aesthetic feature, as well as a functional one.

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While nearly everyone has seen some concept cars, few have seen concept trucks; behemoths that are just as creative, sleek, and futuristic as concept sports cars and personal vehicles. Typically extremely aerodynamic and electric powered, the main objective of these creations is to envision a future in which trucks are able to haul the same loads with minimal environmental impact.

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Concept cars often open and close in interesting ways. Convertibles have unique advances in opening and closing, and doors can slide open in a myriad of ways.

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One of the most common ways to lessen the negative environmental impact of a vehicle is to make it smaller and more efficient. Electric power is more efficient when the vehicle is compact, so many urban concept cars are small pods that barely resemble the common streetcar.

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Concept pickup trucks are some of the most interesting examples of futurism because of their delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. Pickup trucks are need to be tough and able to withstand a great deal of rough handling, and the challenge for concept designers is to keep this functionality in mind while adjusting the aesthetic to one that will be popular and timeless.

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The most technologically advanced vehicle manifestations involve the driver being entirely encased within an opaque vehicle, requiring video technology to translate the outside world. Using cameras allows the driver to see from any angle without blind spots, the lack of poorly insulated windows makes maintaining a comfortable temperature more efficient, and an entirely opaque vehicle allows for increased privacy.

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The most outlandish concept cars push forward the boundaries of future transportation technology. Thinking outside of the box is what separates the best concept designers from the more mundane. If cars are going to evolve, it’s important for designers to continue coming up with novel ideas.

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Not all efficient vehicles have to be boring, though required efficiency severely limits the size of any ecologically geared vehicle. We all love a good looking car, and aesthetics are a main focus of concept designers.