Deceptive Dimensions: Illusion Street Art Creates 3D Portals

optical illusion art 2

At first glance it looks as if thin layers of these walls have been slowly torn away in concentric shapes, leading deeper and deeper into the spaces on the other side. No longer clearly cinder block, brick or any other solid building material, the walls seem as if they really could consist of nothing more than stack after stack of thin paper in rainbow hues.

optical illusion art 7

optical illusion art 6


optical illusion art 4

Germany-based street artist 1010 creates the effect with nothing more than spray paint, adding a third dimension to flat surfaces with clever use of color, shape and shadows. The works range from actual paper cuts that are framed for gallery walls to murals covering multiple stories of a building, like the installation created for contemporary art festival Knotempunkt in Hamburg.

optical illusion art 1



Making small creations out of stacked paper likely give 1010 a chance to study the shapes and shadows that make his illusions so effective on a larger scale. “In this case painting a shadow does the trick,” the artist tells Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery. “I call them holes, abyss, passage or portals, names that leave enough space for interpretation and projection for the viewer.”