Museum Matches: Candid Photos Capture Patrons Who Look Like Artworks

Candid captures require patience, particularly when a photographer like Stefan Draschan decides to wait for a perfect aesthetic coincidence between a work of art and one of its passing observers.

He traveled around Europe to assemble this series of People Matching Artworks, finding strange instances when colors, shapes, patterns and sizes align to snap a great shot. Famous paintings may last, but these moments are fleeting.

In some cases, it’s the gallery-goer’s body that makes a match. In others: a colorful hat, or pattern in the cut of a top. In rare instances, a pair of people may even match two different artworks in the same (photographic) frame.

This is not Draschan’s only such series, either. Clearly more as fascinated with humans as the art they choose to peruse, he has also assembled sets like People Touching Artworks and People Sleeping in Museums, the titles of which speak for themselves. Check out the photographer’s website for more in these series.