Absolutely Absurd: 18 Playful Furniture Pieces for All Ages

The humor starts with the name, but definitely does not end there. Straight Line Designs produces just about anything except works that are straightforward or linear.

Descriptions including ‘playful’ and ‘postmodern’ come to mind, or, more directly, the titles speak for themselves: canned bench, burnt table, cracked cabinet.

These objects indeed fit their monikers, as they crash, melt, rip and explode around, into and through your rooms in cartoonish fashion.

Still, to dismiss them as childish fun (though many are indeed designed for kids) would be to miss the remarkable attention to detail in these difficult and hard-to-execute pieces of furniture with their zigs, zagz, curves and springs.

From the company: Straight Line Designs is a one-of-a-kind workshop that has been operating out of Vancouver, British Columbia for the past 25 years. In addition to installations, sculptures and private commissions, designer Judson Beaumont and his staff of eight full-time craftspeople have designed and constructed a variety of custom-built furniture and projects for public institutions and children’s exhibitions throughout North America and abroad.”