Urban Turf: Mini Gardens atop Window Air Conditioning Units

window ac top grass

For those who can accept a bit of ironic kitsch in the mix, here is a cute (and functional) solution for city dwellers sick of their only scenery being a brick wall across the alleyway, to the soundtrack of a loud window-unit air conditioner.

window air conditioner garden

Babilawn, currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, goes beyond visual aesthetics, helping to dim the din of noisy air conditioning and potentially keep birds off your window unit as well (or encouraging them, depending on what you add to your custom scene).

Accessories include everything from grass and flowers to miniature white picket fences and tiny garden gnomes, but also pint-sized graffiti walls for a bit of urban color. The magnetic grass mat slots onto the top of your air conditioner, covering up the ugly top and letting you set up something a bit more visually appealing from both inside and outside your home.

window top ac decor

It uses super-strong, rare-earth magnets to remain attached in extreme weather conditions. The composite units are also modular so they can fit various sizes of air conditioners. Its creators are still testing the theory, too, that it might make air conditioners more efficient by providing shade for the units as well.

window urban ledge decor

So how far are they into the design and distribution process? The process so far, quoted from their fundraising page: “It all started with a simple sketch which led to creating and testing the initial concept. From this proof of concept we were able to design and develop an Alpha prototype using 3D CAD and SLS 3D printing. We tested the alpha prototype and noted some areas for improvement.

window decoration background image

“We made the adjustments to the cad model and now, as it was featured in the video above, we have a fully functioning production-ready beta prototype that is patent pending. We conducted preliminary market analysis which includes evaluating demand, retail pricing, and competitive research. We sourced domestic and international manufacturing and fulfillment companies.” Check out their campaign on Kickstarter.