WTF Is Street Art? Poster Boy Edits NYC Sign by High Line

If you have spent any time along the High Line Park in Chelsea, you will recognize this extremely prominent billboard that one artist had the audacity to climb and hack away at.

wtf street art dynamic

The original message (WTF is alternate side of the street parking anyway?) was selectively deleted to make way for a replacement question.

wtf street art gif

Working at night, Poster Boy risked discovery by people parking and picking up their cars in the directly adjacent lot, not to mention being highly visible from the street.

high line amphitheater view

During the day, visitors sitting in the over-street theater seats within the elevated park have a direct view of this huge black-on-yellow poster. It is doubtful the change will survive long, so check it out while it lasts!

halloween pumpkin carved cone

wolverine movie subway ad

movie poster ad hack

Known for his creative edits of local signage and hacked infrastructure, Poster Boy has a huge collection of photos you can browse of his work, ranging from small stickers added in unusual contexts to whole-billboard transformations.