Mountaintop Tent: Airlifted Alpine Retreat Built at 8,000 Feet

mountaintop distance view structure

Created as a tribute to a mountain guide killed in an tragic avalanche, this tent-shaped shelter of wood and steel was helicoptered in pieces and assembled at an elevation of 2531 meters in Italy.

mountain cabin by cliff

mountaintop architecture design build

Commissioned by the family of the fallen and designed by  (images by Flavio Pesamosca), the building was made to honor Luca Vuerich, who perished in an avalanche while climbing a frozen waterfall.

mountaineer retreat construction helicopter

Thanks to the efforts of family, friends, colleagues and mountain rescue volunteers (twelve people in total), the shell was constructed on site in a single day from pre-marked parts deposited by helicopter.

mountain cabin entry side

mountain cabin in context

The triangular structure is shaped to shed snow but built capable of being covered entirely as well, with access on its south side where the sun melts accumulation the fastest.

mountain retreat edge

The wooden truss-reinforced frame is made to withstand high wind loads as well due to its exposed location, and set up on a series of concrete footings.

mountain tent retreat alps

mountain interior construction process

The interior sports nine beds for hikers and mountain climbers, which might look spartan to the outside observer but are strikingly luxurious when you consider their remote location.

mountaineering retreat hiking rest

mountain cabin money shot

Open to anyone who can get there, the building is located in the Julian Alps, on the crest of the Foronon Buinz Mountain along the Ceria-Merlone trail.