Dino-Lanterns: Multi-Pumpkin Carving Exhibit Goes Jurassic

Dinosaur Jack O Lanterns Pumpkins 1

A landscape of towering dinosaurs is eerily illuminated with an orange glow at the annual Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze in New York. A team of professional artists came together to turn more than 5,000 pumpkins into carved masterpieces representing skeletal triceratops, a brontosaurus and even a pterodactyl suspended in a tree.

Dinosaur Pumpkins Jack O Lanterns 2

The pumpkins are stacked and joined together to form cohesive shapes after they’re carved, creating an illusion fiery skeletons from afar. Other designs include a giant spider, snakes and a working grandfather clock.

Dinosaur Pumpkins Jack O Lanterns 3

The pumpkins are situated throughout the riverside grounds of the 18th-century Van Cortland Manor. The event draws tens of thousands of visitors from around the Northeast.

Dinosaur Pumpkins Jack O Lanterns 4

The display will stay up until November 11th and includes sound effects, synchronized lighting and a Museum of Pumpkin Art.