Blob: Oblong White Mobile Home Looks Like a Dino Egg

Blob Modern Mobile Home 1

Designed as an extension to a home, this mobile live/work pod eschews conventional mobile home aesthetics in favor of something decidedly more eccentric. ‘Blob VB3’ is an oblong white living space that looks like a gigantic egg when it’s all closed up, but the sides open to reveal a gridded interior for storing small items, working and even sleeping.

Blob Modern Mobile Home 2

Architecture firm dmvA came up with the prototype in response to strict building codes in the client’s city. It contains lots of open niches for storage, multipurpose platforms, lighting, a kitchen and a bathroom. When the airplane-like ‘nose’ is open, it functions as a roof for a small indoor/outdoor space.

Blob Modern Mobile Home 3

Primarily made of polyester, the Blob VB3 is easy to transport, aerodynamic and versatile. It could be used as a guest room, office, pool house or garden house. A circular skylight lets light into the bright white interior.

Blob Modern Mobile Home 4

While the open shelves don’t exactly make it ideal for pulling behind a truck like an Airstream, it’s an interesting way to add a little extra space to an existing building without having to deal with local building regulations.