On the Way Out? 21 Flash Sites Still Standing Strong

Flash sites were once the epitome of technology and creativity, and despite being much maligned by Apple in recent years, there is still plenty of life left in a high quality flash site. Whether they were created to entertain, educate, or promote a product, classic examples of flash sites can still steal hours from one’s day.


(Images via burn-studios, incredibox)

Hardcore musicians will love Burn Studios, a site that allows one to have their own digital recording studio. The beautifully rendered buttons and dials lend a highly realistic feel to the entire process. For a more laid back and fun music-making session, it’s fun to try out Incredibox, a beat boxing simulator full of French charicatures.

For the Kids!

(Images via hasbrobuildyourwildself)

Most sites are not incredibly kid friendly, but Hasbro and Build Your Wild Self are exceptions. The first site lets one play classic board games on the computer, while the second allows a kid to express their creativity while learning about animals at the zoo.


(Images via cdx-thegame, gettheglass)

Flash games aren’t all shooting spaceships and racing cars. CDX is a dark point and click that starts one out in a room with no apparent exit… while Get the Glass is a thinly veiled sponsorship for milk that has some surprisingly quality art.

Making Faces

(Images via flashface, mono-1)

If one fancies themselves a great portrait artist, these may be the sites for you. Flash Face is an incredibly robust face creation tool that allows one to come up with a funny portrait within minutes, or an eerily realistic one over a longer time period. Monoface is just plain fun. Created by an agency, this face shuffle mixes different parts of the agency’s employees faces into a million hilarious combinations.


(Images via wechoosethemoon, history)

Want a little more substance while browsing the internet at work? We Choose the Moon is an immersive experience that carries one through the entire moon launch process from lift off to landing. Civil War 150 celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War with clean style and interestingly interactive infographics.

Decorating Help

(Images via colorschemedesigner, idecorabili)

Not many people know their way around a color wheel anymore, and now there’s no need! With the help of Color Scheme Designer, one can simply pick a color they like, and they’re presented with an entire color scheme that is perfectly complimentary. Idecorabili is a fun way to choose the color of one’s cabinet from home, before ordering it from the company. If only every online retailer made choosing colors this much fun!

Color Fun

(Images via weavesilkflashmonkey, wonderflkoalastothemax)

Bored for a moment, and want to add some color to the day? Try out Weave Silk, a pretty and easy way to fool around with beautiful light. Flash Monkey’s Colorwall is of an equal bent, while Wonderfl allows one to swirl colors into beautiful formations, and Koalas to the Max creates an oddly enjoyable experience that involves hovering over different circles and watching them split into a million more.

Artistic Tendencies?

(Images via jacksonpollock, zefranksketchswap)

In the mood to share art with the world? If one wants to splash paint around without the mess, Jackson Pollock is a great destination. In the mood to draw, but don’t have the time or the talent? Ze Frank’s Scribbler has the hook up. Sketchswap is a really fun idea – make a sketch and click submit, and someone else will receive your image, as you receive one from another random stranger.

Virtual Travel

(Images via pixelcase, theircircularlife)

Want to explore a European city without leaving the cubicle? Their Circular Life is the site for you. It allows one to watch the day go by in several spots throughout the world. If one would prefer staying in the US, take a high flying tour of New York City with the help of Pixelcase.