Design Your Own Table with Magnetic Beech Pole System

Why shouldn’t furniture be customizable and adaptable, so it can not only change to meet the needs of our space and lifestyle, but also to satisfy our creative urges? ‘Multiple’, a fun, smart and stylish table system from designer Raphael Charles, makes furniture assembly easy and fun with magnetic beech poles that fit together into various configurations.

Wooden poles of equal length are painted black and magnetized, leaving the ends raw and natural. As few or as many poles as you like can be grouped together into any shape you can come up with.

The resulting table might be amorphous or geometric, forming one large flat surface or a surface punctuated with voids. You could build your table around a lamp, architectural column or other element of your living space.

This fun and sculptural table system is just one of many modern furniture designs that can easily be adapted to suit the consumer’s needs, making it much easier to create living spaces that are both stylish and practical. Some disassemble to hang flat on the wall, others transform in surprising ways. See hundreds of clever urban furniture designs.