Minimalist Wood Peg Furniture is Easy to Assemble & Store

Living in tight urban spaces requires a certain ingenuity in choosing and arranging furniture, to ensure that it not only fits the space but also the inhabitant’s changing needs. There are lots of space-saving, flat-pack solutions emerging, but perhaps none are quite so simple and elegant as this. StudioGorm’s Wood Peg furniture system can be used to create custom furniture arrangements that are easily disassembled and hung artfully on the wall.

No need for tools – the elements of the StudioGorm wood peg set screw together using simple screw-on components. The series of tabletops, bases and legs provides a virtually endless variety of possibilities for coffee tables, desks, benches, stools and side tables.

Need to clear the room in a hurry to entertain, or tackle a project that requires lots of floor space? Just unscrew all the pieces and hang them on the included Shaker peg rail, including the dowel legs. These components are inspired by traditional Shaker furniture, the Korean wall hung table and ‘the lowly shop broom.’

The set comes in multi-hued wood tones of douglas fir, hemlock, oak, ash, walnut and hickory. When placed on the rail for storage, they create not an eyesore but a pleasing composition. StudioGorm also designed a nearly-identical set that comes with laminated chipboard tabletops and colorful upholstery.