Architecture of Your Dreams: 11 More Surreal Fantasy Structures

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While a spaceship-like pod balancing upon four impossibly tiny poles may not be the most realistic architectural concept ever proposed, some of these innovative fantasy structures from artist Dionisio Gonzalez make us wonder, ‘why not?’ Curving cast concrete forms interact with geometric volumes tilted at odd angles, and faceted glass and metal shapes hover off the ground in what look to be modular parametric designs. Other homes seem like contemporary buildings that have been taken apart like building blocks and put back together slightly off-kilter.

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Perhaps architects and engineers could confirm whether or not any of these surreal architectural visions could actually be built. Entitled ‘Trans-Actions,’ the new series consists of raised residences with complex shapes, some seeming to take a common motif from contemporary architecture and simply repeat it over and over again in slightly different ways. Many seem to balance precariously upon the earth, as if one strong wind could blow them right off their foundations.

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Each one is a bit past its prime, with surfaces that have gotten dirty or weathered over time. Half-dead vegetation clings to balconies as if nature is beginning to take back over, suggesting that what we are looking at is actually the remains of a structure no longer in use.

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Gonzalez previously released a series of post-apocalyptic shell-like structures envisioned for Dauphin Island, a locale off the coast of Alabama that keeps getting slammed by storms. Check out 35 more bizarre and intriguing examples of ‘impossible architecture.’