Vespa Revamp: Classic Scooter Brought up to Speed with Electric Redesign

The Vespampère is slim, light and stylish, recalling a vintage classic from 1948 with an electric motor and other contemporary technological tweaks to bring it in tune with the modern era. Among other neat twists, a mobile phone becomes an integrated component, effectively serving as the vehicle’s dashboard.

Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti’s fresh model draws inspiration from the film-famous silhouette of historical scooters, returning to the lighter look of original models (a plus for urban maneuverability).

The minimalist design is an intentional rejection of heavier new vehicles on the road today, and taps into mobile tech by tying controls and displays (including speedometer, fuel gauge and lights) to a connected smartphone. This gadget, in turn, is housed in a clear compartment, front and center.

The phone can charge off the vehicle’s on-board electrical system, slim rear-view mirrors feature turn signals, and the cantilevered seat links back to the very first Vespa launched by the company over a half-century ago.