Transforming Transit: 13 Compact Scooters, Skates & More

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Zoom past backed-up traffic and crowded sidewalks on an electric unicycle, motorized skates or a fold-up scooter/backpack combo. Urban personal transit is going electric and ultra-compact so you can reach your destination faster and then pack up your wheels and slide them under your desk or into your locker.

Olaf Scooter Backpack

Urban Commuting Olaf 1

Urban Commuter Olaf 2

The Olaf is a carry-on suitcase, trolley, kick-scooter and skateboard in one, with an instant ‘pedal transformation system’ enabling the switch from one function to the next. It has everything a business traveler needs in a compact, airline-approved suitcase, but it’s also suited for urban commuting, with a soft wooden longboard that flips up and down with a kick of the foot. The creators are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to bring it into production.

Motorized Skates

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Urban Commuting Motorized Skates 1

If you find roller blades too dorky or slow to be a real option for travel around the city, maybe you just need a little boost. SpnKiX are motorized skates that strap on over your shoes, operated by a hand-held remote control so you can control your acceleration at the press of a button.

Snap Folding Skateboard

snap skateboard 2 snap skateboard

Skateboards may be portable, but they can be annoying to carry around all day. Enter the ‘SNAP,’ a foldable skateboard designed with students and commuters in mind. The full-sized longboard fits inside any locker with hinges that fold the deck in thirds. According to the designers, dividing the deck in three makes each individual section much stronger and more durable than a full-length wood deck.

Urban Glider

Urban Commuting Glider 1

Urban Commuting Glider 2

This lightweight single-wheeled cycle will get you around town quickly, but is as easy to transport as a suitcase. The Urban Glider uses a gyroscopically-stabilized electric mono-wheel to keep you upright as you stand on the pedals, and you control it by leaning back, forward or to either side. While it only goes about 13 miles per hour at most, it’s faster than walking, and the battery lasts up to 6 hours per charge, taking just 30 minutes to juice back up.