Transforming Transit: 13 Compact Scooters, Skates & More

Rocket Skates

Urban Commuting Rocket Skates 1

Urban Commuting Rocket Skates 2

Another motorized skate concept functions just like the SpnKiX but without the need for a remote, controlled by your movements instead. The Rocket Skates work a bit more intuitively, the way you would use normal roller skates, but with extra power. They also connect to a smartphone app that lets you track your routes, keep tabs on battery power and connect to other users.

One Shot Micro Commuter Bike

Urban Commuting One Shot 1

Urban Commuting One Shot 2

Designed specifically with commuters who ride trains and other forms of mass transit in mind, the One Shot Micro Commuter Bike folds in half when not in use for easy transport and storage. The vertical positioning once it’s folded makes it easy to roll as you walk.

World’s Smallest Folding Bike

Urban Transit Kwiggle 2

Urban Transit Kwiggle 1

The Kwiggle claims to be the world’s smallest folding bike, breaking down to a compact package that can be stashed beneath your desk once you get to work. It’s designed to be ridden in a standing position, with a seat that offers just a little bit of support and rocks from side to side as you ride. At 14 pounds, it comes in at just 60% of the weight and folding size of more conventional folding bikes.

Briefcase-Like Electric Bike

Urban Commuting Briefcase Bike 1

Urban Commuting Briefcase Bike 2

The Patrolman is just a concept, but an interesting one, with the seat, handlebars and wheels extending out of a briefcase-like form. The designers envision the all-electric bike, which is equipped with GPS, headlights and a battery indicator, being charged at strategic locations around the city for public use a la CitiBikes.

FlyRad Unicycle

Urban Commuting FlyRad 1

Urban Commuting FlyRad 2

Too lazy to actually use your leg muscles to skate? The Flyrad Unicycle will do all of the work for you. It’s a motorized unicycle designed to be used in conjunction with roller blades, ice skates or skateboards. While it’s easy to make fun of a gadget like this, it could actually be useful for people who are differently abled or injured.