Digital Dynamo: Massive Motion-Activated Media Wall Animates Office

Spanning 1,700 square feet of interior walls in a Washington, DC office building, this stunning digital display cycles through different settings and seasons, reacting to workers as they walk through the building.

Designed by ESI, the bright and dynamic lobby installation is also visible through expansive glass panels at the front of the building, making it visually accessible to the public as well.

seasons lifecycle media

seasons series

The design shifts between three core programs: Color Play, Cityscape and Seasons. The scenes are constantly shifting, generated by algorithms that keep them fresh from one day to the next. Ambient sounds play in the background, adding a layer of effect to the visual experience.

series rose blossoms

exterior view

The installation is 80 feet wide and 13 feet high, seamlessly integrated into the architectural surfaces. In Season mode, it displays DC’s famous cherry trees through periods of the year. In Color Play, bright patterns light up the walls. In Cityscape, iconic architecture, statues and transportation settings are shown.

color play interactive

motion display

“The different media create distinct rhythms to give terrell place a unique identity and strong street presence,” says Michael Schneider, Senior Creative Technology Designer at ESI design. “Each of the media scenes reflects the time of day and the movement of people through the lobby, acting almost as a large abstract data-visualization of the ebb and flow of Terrell Place.”