Bus Art & Guerilla Ads: Public Transportation with Style

Interesting bus ads are a joy to urbanites, something new and colorful that adds a little variety to the constant stream of yellow taxis, but bus decoration doesn’t always stop there. Such a large canvas invites artists to decorate buses with beautiful murals and intricate displays of artistic skill and attention. Here is some of the best bus art, and advertising, around:

(Images via thedirtfloor, nancy, pamelashanteau, wikimediaartcarshow)

The VW vans that used to be a favorite of hippies spawned a surge of artistic van art full of vibrant colors and spacey scenes. This trend is no longer booming, but it’s far from over, as these wonderfully put together murals attest.

(Images via colormatters, travelpod, bedandbreakfast-toronto, artcar)

The larger the bus, the bigger the canvas, and it’s easy for artists to grow lazy and not pay as much attention to the intricate details as they would on a smaller project. Thankfully, patience and artistic talent have combined to produce these wonderfully intricate displays.

(Images via artcar, jupiterhollowband, artcar, artcar, islamabad)

Some artists prefer to create sculptures, or use materials in new and interesting ways. When it comes to buses, this typically means pulling out a blowtorch and mixing and matching until something much different emerges.

(Images via ski-epic, ski-epic, logicisvariable, relax, 3yen)

Some buses are designed for a specific purpose, or entirely refashioned into something that is much less bus than it is… well, boat? Roving piece of art? Party platform? These buses are sure to catch your eye.

(Images via peanutbutterandjam, virtualadvertisingmoillusions, dailycognition, dailycognition, creativepics)

Advertisers have long had fun with bus advertisements. Because of a buses size, the ability to plaster every square inch with an ad (even the windows) and the relative inexpensiveness of modern printing techniques, there’s a lot of room for creativity.

(greatinteriordesign, 2oceansvibe, hummerlimomiami, countryliving)

For a bus to be awesome, there’s a lot more that goes into it than simply a pretty outside. Whether the bus is designed for private parties, or long trips, these designs would impress anyone. The top right example is an entire Puma store that’s able to transport itself and all of its merchandise wherever the road leads.