Trapdoor Secrets: Furniture Hidden Inside Floors & Ceilings

hidden dining table

This remarkable remodel is full of fun and functional surprises ranging from ceiling-suspended swing sets, hammocks, bookshelves, tables and benches to flip-up, in-floor mirrors and trap-door storage spaces.

hidden ceiling hammock

hidden pulley system

hidden ceiling swing

Designed by Elii in Madrid, Spain, the compartment-centric project takes maximum advantage of high ceilings to add layers of usefulness above, below and ultimately between each of two levels.

hidden floor storage

hidden bathroom mirror

Discrete handles along the walls allow the occupant to deploy each function in piecemeal fashion, calling down an on-demand hammock and fans, for instance, or dining room surface and seating as needed.

hidden panels back forth

Hidden pulleys make it easy to drive each object back up and out of the way when not in use – no laborious reaching, pushing or pulling required.