Book Boxes: Vintage-Style Dollhouses Made of Hollowed-Out Tomes

If you’ve ever wished you could shrink yourself to live inside a book, these incredibly charming miniature houses made of hollowed-out books will only encourage further fantasizing. Florida-based artist Shannon Moore has been crafting these truly tiny houses since the 1970s, and you’re going to want to take a closer look, because those aren’t just doors and windows slapped onto the spines of old unwanted books.

Moore hollows out stacks and creates little rooms inside each one. The doors and windows are actually functional, so you can open them up, peer inside and check out the tiny wallpaper, wood floors, real LED lighting and other details. The miniaturist sometimes creates dollhouse scenes inside, with furniture, figurines and common household objects. The book houses are often made with encyclopedias and other outdated volumes.

She calls her creations ‘Bookboxes,’ and sells them for $200-$700 depending on the size and complexity. Some are up to three stories tall. You can even make special requests and get your own little custom hollow book house. It would be cool to put them on a bookshelf alongside your collection, blending in to all but the most observant visitors.

h/t Messy Nessy Chic