Bronze Sculpture: Traveling With Bruno Catalano

Bruce Catalano is an international sculptor who has fun giving you only part of the picture. His skills with bronze are legendary, and though his subject matter is pretty concentrated, it’s consistently interesting.

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Barely hanging there, these sculptures are held together by the smallest pieces. At a glance, it seems impossible, but Bruno Catalano is skilled at holding together sculptures that seem physically impossible.

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Bruno Catalano is incredibly skilled. Even the most amateur art lover can appreciate the realism that Bruno Catalano brings to life in his sculptures.

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Not all of Bruno Catalano’s works are of someone standing tall with a briefcase, but there is definitely a theme, and travel is a huge part of it. The real joy comes in the delicate composition and the extremem realism.

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A broken man is not easy to put together into an exhibition-worthy piece. Bruce Catalano makes this look easy, showcasing a broken man traveling from place to place, often missing clothing and always seeming stoic or dejected. The sculptures, however, always look incredibly real.