Modular Mood Rings: 3D-Printed Gem Blocks Make ‘Lego’ Jewelry a Snap

Instead of swapping between rings and earrings for different occasions, why not keep the framework and trade out the colorful key element: the featured jewel.

Inspired by Lego and designed by Hintlab, these interchangeable creations feature all different kinds of options, from simple translucent and opaque blocks to growing crystal shapes and stamped message surfaces.

The blocks, like LEGO, can be stackable to, allowing for hybrid creations that evolve over time. Alternatively, the add-ons can fit flush with their settings, looking like a more permanent stone.

Some of the more colorful options may work well for kids, but the idea can appeal to adults as well who are sick of making sure all of their various jewelry fits, and want something minimal and simple.