Ultimate DIY RV: High-Tech Caravan Made for a 4-Year-Old

kirivan all terrain vehicle

Named after its creator’s progeny, the Kirivan may be the most impressive mobile home ever made, using cutting-edge technologies to blend the best elements of a luxury motorhome, zombie apocalypse vehicle and high-tech hideout.

kirivan design diagram sketch

Inspired by the birth of his daughter, innovator and inventor Bran Ferren began this incredible multi-year project in anticipation of future travel. The resulting adventure vehicle is designed to drive for up to 2,000 miles without stopping for supplies and features a pop-up penthouse for use as Kira’s personal retreat.

kivivan apocalypse proof ride


As Wired reports, the vision involved “a mix of high-powered machinery, bomb-shelter self-sufficiency, and luxe-life accoutrements. It would be a mobile, malleable five-star fortress. It could form the centerpiece of his and Kira’s exploration of the world and be her ride into the future.” (infographic diagram below by Bryan Christie Design)

kirivan descriptive diagram view

So how does one man find the time, skills and money for such an ambitious undertaking? Ferren is the former head of research and development for Disney’s Imagineering department, for starters, and currently heads Applied Minds, a design and technology company that has done work for everyone from General Motors to the US Air Force. All of this shows in the design, which reflects a hybrid of engineering strategies appropriated from the design of land, air and even space vehicles.


kirivan front unit view

A futuristic marvel with endless technological surprises, this all-terrain vehicle is designed to climb 45-degree slopes, use thermal imaging for road analysis, deploy advance drones to scout out obstacles ahead and so much more. On the flip side of its amazing array of safety features are a range of luxury ones as well, including comfortable seats, a full kitchen and bathroom and other amenities that provide for far more than mere survival. Of course, it is also a work in progress – there no doubt this creative dad will evolve ever more functionality as his child grows older as well.