Bloody Brilliant: 10 Blood-Themed Domestic Design Ideas


Imagine coming home to a house with red streaks and spatter patterns cast across your rugs, chairs or tables – or to find a loved one passed out in a pool of blood. Some of these radical red designs are intended to scare visitors while others are aesthetically engaging even before one realizes the bloody them of the design.


The blood table is more than just a gruesome experiment in animated gore – it is a gravity-defying work of artwork. Shifted to another color and the core design would be equally compelling. The blood theme simply adds a layer of intrigue to an already marvelous table design idea.


A wall-hanging or table-stable blood lamp might be the perfect companion piece to the above table concept – both also appear to defy conventions of physics and are bound to startle a visitor. In fact, you could easily imagine the blood table lamp going right on top of the blood table.


A blood pillow could be the basis of a good many pranks on friends. In various custom shapes and configurations they are rather convincing – at least at a distance. Up close they are clearly plush and very comfortable assymetrical cushions well worth snoozing on.


While your furniture and friends are bleeding, might as well add your books to the mix. This blood bookmark is available in a few colors but of course the red is the most compelling of the bunch. One gets the sense, again at least at a distance, that someone has squeezed the life’s blood right out of the bound volume.


Rolling out the red carpet conjures associations of tongues for some, blood for others. But what if you reshaped that welcome carpet to spill out like blood into rooms? These curved carpets are an engaging way to connect circulation stairs to main volumes within a building – though their execution is perhaps a bit morbid.


Of course a lot of the most classic horror scenes have taken place in bathrooms – for which you have not one but two bloody decorating options: the bloody-footprinted bathmat and the bloody-handprinted shower curtain – a perfect way to catch a nosy visitor off guard.


Bloody details aside, why not go for an entirely blood-soaked room interior? This bloody dining room design was commissioned and inspired by an Showtime original series – Dexter – that revolves around a do-gooder serial killer who murders and butchers other heinous criminals, a sort of vigilante sociopath.