Crazy Cat Castle for Sale: 20 Acres of Terror in the Arizona Desert

Are you one of the 3 billion people worldwide estimated to be infected with toxoplasmosis, the brain-controlling parasite passed onto humans by our feline overlords? This protozoa invades the host’s brain and makes it do things that are counterproductive to survival – and apparently good taste. How else would you explain this Arizona real estate listing for a dream home only a crazed cat mom could love? “If you love cats this is the home for you!” reads the Caldwell Banker description. “If not bring your sandblaster!”

The first important thing to note is that the former owners actually only had two cats. This isn’t an out-of-control animal hoarding situation. It’s just an extremely bonkers decorating scheme carried out by people who are really, really into cats. You might think – “So, what, they’ve got some built-in cat walkways and cat castles?”

Oh, they’ve got those things, all right. Including a three-story Medieval cat castle made of stone. Upstairs, in what was apparently the cat overlords’ bedroom, every single surface is plastered with stuffed cats, photos of cats, oversized posters of cats, cat toys, cat houses, stockings full of cat treats. But that’s not all.

Continue going through the photos and you’ll see that the theme carries throughout the rest of the house. The kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms are all similarly decorated (on top of log cabin wall surfaces painted a garish mix of colors.) There’s even a cat-shaped chandelier.

The 2,500-square-foot home is listed for $240,000, and it comes with 20 acres of land in the town of Concho, about 200 miles northeast of Phoenix. The town itself has a population of just 38. So really, what we’re looking at is the perfect place for mind-controlled cat slaves to establish their very own cat-worshipping compound. Or, you know, just a really great sanctuary for cats that need a safe and loving home.