Alternative Matryoshka (Nesting) Dolls Embrace Modernity


As the popularity of Matryoshka nesting dolls has grown, more people are interested in making their own customized sets. Kits are now commercially available to allow any artist or DIY crafter to create their own unique nesting dolls. Nesting dolls can be made decorated in any way the artist or designer chooses and are often made to resemble favorite characters or pets.

Gaming Matryoshka



Matryoshka dolls are often used to celebrate games that people enjoy. Some of the most interesting feature nesting dolls as chess playing pieces. These sets are unique and may include the King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn as interesting conversation starters. Other games and game characters, such as Mario and company, are adorable as Matryoshka dolls.

DIY Nesting Dolls





Using kits of blank nesting dolls, a designer, artist or DIY crafter can create anything they can imagine. Matryoshka dolls must nest inside each other, so hand painting them is a popular option. Some designers are creative with fabric and felt and create the look of more traditional soft dolls with their kits.

Favorite Characters




Favorite characters from movies, books and folklore are also often featured on nesting dolls.  Santas of all varieties are collectors’ items, so it only makes sense that Santa Matryoshka dolls are readily available.  Best loved characters from movies and cartoons also make nesting dolls really special to collectors.

World Leader Nesting Dolls



Dictators, presidents and world leaders are commemorated in Matryoshka dolls quite frequently. Collectors value these nesting dolls as historic timestamps, as the leader’s look during a particular election of time in power is recorded on each set of dolls.  Russian presidents are a particularly popular subject of Matryoshka dolls.

Pets and Animals



From endangered species to beloved family pets, nearly all types of animals have been featured on Matryoshka dolls. Cat lovers may find humorous nexting dolls appealing, while lovers of a specific bred of dog may adore sets illustrating all of the life stages of their pet.  Some nesting doll sets feature animals you might find in a zoo or endangered species.  Whatever the subject, Matryoshka nesting dolls makes it more interesting and give us one more reason to love our favorite things.