Single-Step Slippers Made of One Shoelace & Strip of Felt

When you strip it down, what more does a foot enclosure really need aside from a single stretch of material and thread to tie it all together. That is the idea behind this ultra-minimalist student design.

Gaspard Tiné-Berès made this flat-pack marvels while studying at the Royal College of Art. They assemble in a simple set of motions, after shipping in the most compact way footwear has ever been mailed.

Aside from being easy, green, and affordable, they could also be made universal not only through low-cost shipping but through remote distribution via 3D printers or just printable plans – all one really needs is two pieces of material and a pair of scissors to make these basic necessities.

And for anyone hung up on being different: the color choices are, of course, up to the end consumer – and various varieties of felts would also work if switching up your shoelaces seems insufficient.