Star Trek Art & Designs: The Next Generation of Fandom

Star Trek has been an ongoing phenomenon since its debut in 1966. Star Trek consists of 2 series on the USS Enterprise, 3 spin offs, an animated series, and 11 feature films. A franchise this long lasting and successful creates a loyal following that is interested in anything related to the series. Whether it’s Star Trek clothing, home decor, or tattoos, there are a plethora of awesome examples of the fierceness of Star Trek fans. From the fantastic to the ridiculous, here are 10 of the most interesting expressions of Star Trek fanaticism:

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Star Trek fans explore every means of showing off their passion for the Star Trek universe, and this includes tattoos. A lot of fans pay homage to their favorite characters (or the entire cast) by having portraits placed prominently on themselves, though the more subtle Star Trek fan may simply have a communicator tattooed to their chest.

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Even with the advanced technology in Star Trek, exploring the boundaries of space is a dangerous business, and there have been a lot of deaths throughout the series. The funeral rites in the Federation are beautiful and explored in detail. As with all things Star Trek, industrious companies have even learned to capitalize on funeral gear. Futuristic looking urns are available, as well as coffins that look identical to those in the series and films.

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Everything about the USS Enterprise is graceful and epic, as it is the flagship of the Federation’s fleet, and the pinnacle of human technological achievement. The Star Trek films deserve a fitting viewing space, preferably Star Trek themed. The most common Star Trek home theater design is the bridghe, with its signature sweeping railing and the Captain’s chair.

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Life is about the little things, and for the avid Trekkie, this involves USS Enterprise bottle openers, iPhone cases, cakes, pillow cases, car decorations… the list goes on and on. There are a million ways to subtly reveal your loyalty to the Federation.

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If you’re truly proud to be a Trekkie, you’re not afraid to wear clothing that reflects it. Star Trek ties are a great way to bring your interests to work, while a pair of Spock inspired gloves will keep you showing your loyalties throughout the winter. If you’re on your way to a convention, you can always toss on your Star Trek uniform corset to really catch some nerdy attention.

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Car enthusiasts like to customize their rides, and Star Trek enthusiasts are no different. When you can’t find a Star Trek themed accessory to meet your needs, you might as well make it. Some fans have created iPhone cases that look like the original Star Trek comm units, but the ultimate modification involves changing your main mode of transportation to blare your preferences to the world and brighten up the road.

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Formal wear isn’t exempt from Star Trek fervor, with a booming cufflink industry keeping geek-centric companies in business. Several colognes and perfumes have been made, as well as luxurious watches and time pieces. Star Trek inspired jewelry is quite common, and people are willing to pay a high price for the more unique goods.

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Your house is the ultimate expression of your taste and style, where you go to relax, or invite friends over for social activities. You have to be truly fanatical to drastically alter your home decor to reflect the atmosphere of your favorite television show. From illuminated wall displays to the smooth walls and low lighting of the interior of the USS Enterprise, these fans proudly display their Star Trek inspired lifestyle.

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Star Trek fans are proud geeks who spend a lot of time at their computers. It makes sense, then, that there is such an extensive variety of USB devices that can grace one’s desk. Miniature USS Enterprises, comm unit flash drives, and models of shuttlecraft are just a few examples of Star Trek USB Gadgets. One of the most interesting gadget concepts? A record player shaped like the USS Enterprise.

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Star Trek commercialization has often gotten out of hand. Star Trek themed sporks, nutcrackers, Russian dolls, and even Eggo waffles seem to cross some line, though they’re pretty humorous now. While Star Trek fans are willing to spend their hard earned money on almost anything Star Trek themed, their are limits (we just haven’t found them yet).