Simple Brackets Make DIY Furniture Dreams Come True

Designing and building custom furniture requires some amount of knowledge and technical skill. These facts put custom furniture design out of the reach of most regular folks, but Micah Black is taking steps to ensure that everyone can have exactly the furniture they want and need by making it simple to build custom pieces.

Black’s project is called Build Your Dreams, and it is surprisingly simple. His product is a metal connector that holds together pieces of wood in endless configurations. You supply (and measure, and cut) the wood, then place the connectors where they are needed to hold your creation together.

The bracket, dubbed PLY90 by its creator, is a simple alternative to drilling, nailing, and gluing boards together. Several of the brackets together can create some amazing furniture that fits the builder’s specifications exactly.

Using cut wood pieces and a set of the aluminum brackets, users can create desks, entertainment stands, coffee tables, shelves, play houses and plenty of other creative pieces. The brackets could conceivably be used to invent furniture from recycled materials, making them a valuable tool for environmentalists as well as people who just really, really want to build something amazing. Black is currently raising money on Kickstarter for a production run of the PLY90 brackets.