Smallest & Smaller: 22 Miniatures, Because Big Gets Boring

Everyone always says bigger is better, but sometimes it’s nice to flip expectations on their head and give small a chance. When big gets boring, these are the awesome miniature inventions you need to see.

Miniature Cars

(Images via loqu, lahoridanda, ecojoes, onehead-manoj, darkroastedblend)

Anyone who has ridden in a mini cooper knows the joy of riding in a powerful light car with enough zoom to zig and zag with the best of them. Why not knock it a down a notch and pick an XXS vehicle for a tour around the town?

Hobbit-sized Homes

(Images via shawnhogan, alldoing)

It’s important for one’s environment and finances not to purchase more square footage than necessary. Just be sure not to take this mentality to an extreme, or one’s home might be a tad too far on the cozy side.

Tiniest in the World

(Images via worldssmallest, seriouseats, girlssecretroom, 2dayblog)

While it’s great to be able to ride a miniature scooter, or super small sportster, more mundane objects can be just as intriguing. Anything made small enough is a wonder of artistry, especially when this creation is edible.

Smallest Working Train Models

(Images via telegraph, whiteriverandnorthern, blingcheese)

It’s rare that a train enthusiast has to worry about losing one of their models in a pants pocket, but it would no longer be unheard of. These trains are some of the smallest and to see them in action is a wonder in both model creation and macro camera technology.

A Tiny Trip to the Theater

(Images via ethiopianreview, daniellemagesamato)

The world’s smallest cinema only has room for one patron, but that doesn’t make those flicks any less enjoyable, especially with the ability to watch a movie powered by solar panels in the middle of the outdoors. If one would rather take in a small play, head over to England and visit a restroom that’s been converted into a quaint theater.

Mini Motorcycling

(Images via viewgadgets, gamespot, loqu, mjperry, future-motorcycles, gadgethobby)

Motorcycles are typically a sign of masculinity and power, which makes miniature bikes that much stranger. It’s no doubt that a ride on one of these tiny powerhouses would be an enjoyable one.

The Tiniest Aircraft

(Images via sportpilot, macandsalschultzairshows)

For those who hate feeling out of control on a flight, there’s not much more one can do than drive one of these incredibly small aircraft. No one can complain if the room service is poor on one of these flights, that’s for sure.