Geometric Projections: Light Art Radically Reshapes Nature

light art in nature

Everyone knows there are mathematical patterns to be found everywhere in nature – though few such geometries are as explicit and dazzling as those imposed by this projection artist.

light geometric pattern painting

Javier Riera plays with simple regular forms in part because such elementary shapes precede language processing.

light art project scenes

In short: like nature, geometric concepts are immediate and fundamental, short-cutting the part of our brain that demands articulation and explanation.

light art 3d geometries

Sometimes the shapes seem to carve or parcel the existing landscape, turning trees into pie charts of forestry. In other cases, mazes and boxes add or remove dimensionality from complex objects or flat planes.

light artwork shapes forms

Like hedge mazes and botanical sculpture, there is something classically curious (and perhaps contradictory) about these attempts to impose order on the apparent chaos of the natural world.