Boat to Go: Portable Flat-Pack Vessel Folds Up Like a Tent

This folding boat from design student Thibault Penven is a surprisingly effective way to keep a water conveyance with you at all times. It is surprising, of course, because one would not expect a boat to fold up and still be water-worthy – but this one does it spectacularly and without much trouble.

The project is called Ar Vag, and it quickly goes from a folded up, easily transportable waterproof skin to a one-person rowboat. The yellow waterproof skin is reinforced with rigid boards sewn inside. After unfolding, poles are inserted into pockets in the rim of the boat – kind of like tent poles – to hold the boat open.

Finally, a board holds the sides apart under tension and acts as a seat. The unfolded boat is surprisingly watertight and looks much like a normal boat – with one difference: when you’re done paddling around for the day, this one fits in the hatchback of a compact car.