As The Whirl Turns: 9 Abandoned Heliports & Helipads

abandoned helipads heliports
Like the last episode of M*A*S*H, the choppers won’t be back. These abandoned heliports and helipads stand in silent contrast with their past buzzing busy-ness.

Old Cold Warrior

abandoned helipad Sweney Ridge California(image via: Randy52)

Sweeney Ridge in Pacifica, California is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area these days but back in Cold War times it sheltered a SF-51C Nike missile control facility. The sun-blistered helipad above was used to shuttle military personnel and support staff to and from the site. Kudos to Flickr user Randy Lloyd for capturing the eerie loneliness embodied in this long-disused helipad.

District 9 Revisited

abandoned heliport Cape Town South Africa(images via: Eduard Grebe, Tropicfruit and Wikipedia)

Only chunks of disarticulated concrete remain of a former heliport located at Mouille Point in Cape Town, South Africa. The gritty war-zone vibe and stark stenciled lettering evoke the disturbing atmosphere that permeated the futuristic 2009 sc-fi film District 9, shot on location in South Africa. Coincidence or just bad vibes?

abandoned heliport Cape Town South Africa(image via: Cape Town Daily Photo)

Text and arrow notwithstanding, you wouldn’t want to attempt any landing (by helicopter or otherwise) in this area. Are these the remains of a heliport in situ or have some of the original components been moved to a central scrap storage depot? Will the bits & pieces be reassembled someday by otherworldly refugees trapped in a desperate tug-of-war between brain and prawn? Further discussion on this topic has been banned by the MNU Department of Alien Affairs.

Ukraine Not Weak!

abandoned helipad Ukraine Kaniv(images via: KyivPost)

When Ukraine was awarded the honor of hosting the Euro 2012 soccer championship, the governmental powers that be decided a brand, spanking new heliport was needed to welcome assorted billionaires, oligarchs and the like. The order was given, $11 million worth of  funding was committed and before long, the city of Kaniv boasted an impressive new heliport with a spiffy glass-walled mini-terminal. Unfortunately, the assorted billionaires, oligarchs and the like DIDN’T like the Kaniv heliport, which these days only impresses those who appreciate infrastructural white elephants.