Hipster Starter Kit: Complete with Ironic Mustache & More

No shutter shades or scarf in this set, just a basic collection of essentials to get you started on the road to a life of independent fashion,  aspiring artistry and political posturing.

A well-worn plaid shirt will compliment your new rounded, thick-rimmed, faux-vintage glasses. Take to the streets and share your mix tape of obscure bands, and don’t forget to shoot some Polaroids while you are at it.

Not sure what to do next? An owner’s manual is included. And what about the mustache? You probably don’t have to be male to pull it off, assuming you wear it with a sufficiently ironic affect. A great Christmas gift too – or maybe if you are feeling fashionably secular you could give it at New Year’s. Sure to be a hit this holiday season, regardless.

Stake your subcultural claim alongside beat, hippie, punk and grunge demographics with your style-defining assortment of goodies by graphic designer Mihael Mikloši. Thrift-store-worthy, organic-looking labels and hand-written fonts for things like the mix tape seal the deal.