Flip for Fun: 4 Clever Pool Tables that Convert & Transform

rollover pool dining table

Pool is one of those great American hobbies that never seems to get old. As much as we might want to play every day, not everyone has the space to fit an entire pool table into their home. These three brilliant solutions (plus a bonus pool table that wouldn’t save any space, but would definitely be a conversation piece) might finally be enough to convince you to save your quarters and play at home instead.

Disappearing Pool Table

There’s honestly no better solution for hiding something than having it pop out of the floor only when you need it. The Disappearing Pool Table from Stage Engineering does just that: when it’s hidden away, the only clue that it’s there is a huge rectangular cutout in the floor. When you activate some sort of mechanism, the cutout floor drops down and slides away, exposing a full-size pool table that then rises up on a platform to floor level. There isn’t much information available other than this video, but the video is enough to convince us: we want one.

Dining Table Conversion Kit

fusion pool dining table

elegant fusion pool table converts to dining table

Pool table covers are nothing new – you unfold a foam mat or plop a piece of wood down onto the pool table and it becomes a place for dining or playing ping-pong. But the Fusion collection of tables offers a slightly more high-class approach to the idea. The high-quality pool tables come with wooden leaves that slide on securely to stay put for the purposes of eating at the table. The resulting dining table is quite elegant and not at all what you might expect of covered-over pool table.

Rotating Table

dolphin flip over pool dining table

rotating dining pool table

The Bentley Dolphin Rollover Pool Dining Table might be a mouthful, but it’s a fun piece of furniture that leads a double life. On one side it’s a standard-size pool, snooker, or billiards table. Undo the security latches and spin the tabletop upside-down in the frame and it becomes a dining table with a solid wood top or a beautiful inlaid pattern top. The makers suggest that the flat top can also be used as a conference table, but we suspect there wouldn’t be much business going on when there are clearly games of pool to be played.

Converted VW Bus

volkswagen pool table

vw bus pool table conversion

The VW Bus pool table is different from the others here because its transformation was one-way and permanent, but it did once serve a very different purpose so deserves a mention. It is made from the real chassis of an old Volkswagen that was then fitted with a wood and felt top. It’s probably not regulation size and it definitely won’t be level, but those are small details. What really matters is that someone took the time and care to craft this seriously awesome one-of-a-kind Volkswagen/pool table mashup, which is an undeniably beautiful thing.