Flat-Pack Cat Cities: Modular Feline Architecture Inspired by Origami & Lego

Product-tested by a husband-and-wife team of architects in their own abode, ‘A Cat Thing‘ was developed to let pet owners construct an endless array of feline crawling, hiding and resting spaces for their furry friends.

The design consists of four modules — room, living room, balcony and ramp — that can be endlessly stacked, joined and rearranged to make new buildings.

The prefab modules can also be packed flat for shipping and storage, then deployed on demand. The use of recyclable cardboard makes them light and easy to assemble, and non-toxic (safe for feline occupation). Inspired by origami, the system requires no special connectors or tools to construct mega-structures.

The design duo started experimenting with help from their own cats, Chacha and Lily, seeing how they responded to different units and configurations. And as any cat-lover knows: this species seems to love boxes.

“The relationship with cats is a mutual one, so the design for ‘room collection’ should be adjusted to the behavior of the felines. in the future, ‘A Cat Thing’ aims to redefine the products we use with our pets daily,” say the designers, who are “looking forward to bringing more style, attitude, quality and sustainability” to future designs.