Seabed City: Japanese Company Designs Underwater Ocean Spiral

ocean city side view

Slated to cost over $25 billion and take 5 years to complete, this incredible proposal starts a with a living sphere that spans over 1,500 feet below the surface of the ocean.

ocean city surface view

ocean city spherical center

Designed by the Shimizu Corp’s, the spherical portion of the so-called Ocean Spiral forms a residential and commercial core from which a winding path spirals 9 further miles into the deep, ultimately terminating at the ocean floor.

ocean city sketchi dea

ocean spiral earth factory

Occupants would live and work both in triangular neighborhoods along the periphery as well as within a tapering, hourglass-shaped, skyscraper-like segment stretching up from the bottom to the top of the sphere’s center.

ocean city section diagram

ocean city core rendering

The ‘Earth Factory’ portion of the project below is set to use generate eco-friendly energy from temperature differentials and organically-driven chemical conversion processes.

ocean spiral underwater city

ocean spiral concept drawings copy

ocean thumbnail

For anyone wondering just when they can expect this marvel to materialize: its would-be creators concede the technology is not quite in place yet to make it a reality, but hope and presume it will be soon.