42 Modern Prefab Buildings & Flat Pack Furniture Designs

When a prefab home or building solution is required it can kick a design-oriented mind into high gear – the search for a visually appealing yet functional solution can be incredibly motivating. These creative designers are no exception. Prefabrication, modularity and portability also translate well into the world of furniture design, where versatile kit-based and flat-pack products can be more easily made and sustainably shipped.

Prefab is becoming a major buzz word in the world of contemporary architectural design. Prefabricated and flat-pack homes, buildings and furniture represent the possibilities of partial mass production and extreme portability fused into aesthetically awesome finished products. The challenge is to combine the need for mobility and sustainability with a building design that appeals to clients and overcomes potentially negative stereotypes (such as shoddy workmanship or poor design) that are conventionally associated with prefab. Click the thumbnails below for more images of and information on these amazing designs: