Storage Tubs for Bathrooms with Precious Little Space

There was a time when the bathroom was seen as a rather utilitarian room, there only to serve some very mundane functions. But that identity has changed over the years, and now we see the bathroom as a place to relax and escape – even if only for a few minutes. Relaxation comes with a lot of accessories, though, and these gorgeous bathtubs with built-in storage are perfect for storing books, bubbles, and all of the other things we need for a soothing bath.

(image via: blubleu)

This spa tub with built-in storage shelves may be the ultimate in bathtime relaxation. The two-person tub includes backrests on either side for sitting up comfortably, as well as a row of soft charcoal-colored pillows. An integrated bookshelf offers ample space for all of your scented candles, novels and boxes of chocolates.

(image via: Apartment Therapy)

A surprisingly elegant bathtub from Rexa Designs seems to delicately balance on a small bookcase platform. The egg-shaped tub offers a gently curved space in which to wash away the worries of the day, while the integrated shelves give you the perfect place to store shampoos, bubbles, incense and your favorite books.

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As a practical small-space solution, the Keops Evolution bathtub is a brilliant way to keep your favorite things close by. It boasts drawers for towels and washcloths, shelves for candles and bath products and a sliding door for hiding less-attractive accessories like razors and mustache bleaching kits. Integrated jets and optional backrests ensure that every bath is a serene experience.

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Although it has no drawers and a relatively small amount of storage compared to some of the other tubs here, the Tub and Tray from designer Jamie Hayon is an incredibly elegant addition to any bathroom. The clean white tub is surrounded by dark wood with lovely curved legs, giving it a classical but modern aesthetic. A shelf at the foot of the tub allows just enough space for a bottle of champagne and a glass or two.

(image via: Malin Lundmark)

A truly beautiful creation from Swedish designer Malin Lundmark, the Library Bath is a whimsical combination of an armchair, a bookshelf and a bathtub. People who can’t stand to stop reading even long enough to get clean will appreciate being able to store a rather large selection of books on the integrated shelf for some light tub reading.

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The standard oval-shaped tub has a lot of empty, wasted space beneath it. These add-on panels with tilt-out storage are the perfect DIY solution for adding some concealed storage space in the bathroom.

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Another aftermarket add-on, this storage platform gives you pull-out drawers and/or cubbies in which to stash your necessary bits and bobs which which to make your bath a luxurious affair. You’ll need a rather relaxing bath after you get the bill for this magnificent fixture, though: it’s over $17K as shown.

(images via: ItalianDesign360)

The Biblio bookcase was designed especially for book lovers. Its sturdy bookshelves keep a wide variety of your favorite books close at hand, so if you get tired of one all you have to do is reach over the side and grab another.