Serious Ink: Weaponized Pens Mightier Than Any Sword

I feel great joy when I stumble upon a mundane, everyday object, that is always dull, and find that someone has taken the time to customize it in an interesting and exciting way. Enter the pen: something used in different forms for thousands of years, and even in the age of computers, still necessary. When someone is using something more exciting than a cheap plastic pen, it’s interesting, and if someone is using the pens below, it’s astounding. Here are some fantastic pen related innovations and customizations:

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While the appearance of pens has always modified slightly, but remained basically similar for the last several decades, what’s on the inside has not remained so stagnant. Pen tech is always improving, and in some cases, to a ridiculous degree. Some pens are now able to double as calipers, to store and transfer data from SD cards, or flash drive. Some pens have evolved back into an earlier form, more like a brush than a typical pen, that allows one to practice kanji or create beautiful art. One of the odder example above is able to read specific sheet music and play it out loud, serve as a metronome, and even determine whether your instrument is tuned.

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With pens, comes pen holders. While 90% of desks hold pens in a dusty, dated, coffee mug, there are some who seek to add a little flair to their office in any way possible. Along with endless variations of people and animals being stabbed by pens, there is also the mythical Atlas holding forth your mighty pen, or weapons of war in the form of a knight’s helmet, missile launcher, or futuristic blaster.

(Images via wired, smashinglists, wired)

Thank goodness for ergonomics! The science that keeps our seats comfortable and our cabinets at the right height, is also a huge factor in pen design. Few examples are as striking as the Jean Pierre Lepine creation called “The Free Ride”. This $140 pen looks almost too ergonomic to be comfortable for anyone who has a hand that lies outside the most average size. The pendragon is no different, as its curve is visually appealing, but also odd and uncomfortable looking.

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If you want a pen that’s more expensive than the checks you’re writing, check out Montblanc’s gorgeous creations. These pens are more a work of art and jewelry than anything else. Montblanc is known for quality pens so expensive that they have their own display cases (just like you’ll find in a jewelry store). While most people would never consider spending their money on something so frivolous, there’s always someone out there who feels differently.