Inside Out: Print-Crazy Wallpaper Made for Exterior Surfaces

Why should interior walls have all the fun? Prints are nearly always relegated to the insides of homes and other structures while the outside walls are left bare, but a new wallpaper made specifically for outdoor use makes it easy to make a big, bold design statement to the world.

Wall & Decó calls it OUT – Outdoor Unconventional Texture, and it’s certainly unconventional – in the best possible way. Examples range from relatively restrained black-and-white houndstooth patterns to wild mishmashes of geometric prints and even faux wood textures.

Prints like these on an exterior surface would normally require a tile mosaic, hand-stenciling or some other labor-intensive and inevitably expensive application. Whether you choose to cover entire walls with it or just add a bit of an accent, wallpaper is definitely an easier option.

The Italian company Wall & Decó is primarily known for its interior wallpapers and large-scale decals. See more designs and close-ups of these outdoor wallpaper prints at