You Name It: Some of the Biggest [Blanks] in the World!

Bigger is better and biggest is best! Some people take size very seriously and when it comes down to being the biggest in the world, there’s no playing around. Here’s a variety of the world’s most fantastically gigantic objects and wonders:

Biggest Pool and Indoor Beach

(Images via andrewblum, elitechoice123teachme)

There’s a pool beside the sea in Chile that makes an olympic pool look like a sad joke. At over 20 acres, and 1,000 yards long, this pool is a monster. Not to be outdone, the Japanese Seagaia Ocean Dome is the world’s largest indoor beach, with a fully functioning tide pool and real sand… rain or shine.

Giant Motorcycles

(Images via ridelustdesicolours)

Dream Big is the world’s tallest motorcyle, and weighs in at over 6,500 pounds. This gentle giant isn’t the only contender for the biggest motorcycle in the world, however, as the Australian Monster Motorbike from Hell weighs in at 13 tons and gets its kicks from crushing cars in front of a live audience.

Gigantic Axe

(Images via ratestogowebshots)

In New Brunswick, Canada, they’ve erected an axe large enough to put Paul Bunyan’s to shame, all in the name of honoring New Brunswick’s proud forest industry.

Colossal Hole

(Images via newscorners, slimspeare, honorcek)

Found in Eastern Siberia, this diamond mine is nearly a mile wide and almost 2,000 feet deep. Be careful looking over that edge!

World’s Biggest Chairs

(Images via englishrussia, travelpodwearesuperfamous)

The popularity of giant furniture most likely stems from the joy of seeing such mundane objects brought up to absurd proportions. A great promotional tool for huge furniture stores, I can think of few more enticing gimmicks to draw in new customers.

Huge Construction Equipment

(Images via catsayslistoplenty)

The Caterpillar 797 is one of the most powerful dump trucks in the world, and is able to carry over 400 short tons in one load. It’s a great help when you’re using the Krupp Bagger 288, the world’s largest trencher. The Krupp weighs over 13,500 tons and over 700 feet long.

Roadside Attractions

(Images via thexodirectoryminnemommakethelistseattlest)

Roadside attractions are one of the greatest boons of traveling by car, and one of the surest way to pull in bored drivers is to stamp “The World’s Largest” in front of your tourist trap. From a gigantic cow to the largest fake basket in the world, any of these items are well worth a 15 minute detour.

Heavy Duty Limos

(Images via elitechoice, glamcar, slipperybrick, driverside)

The world’s longest limo is as ostentatious as you can get, but if you want a really cool ride to prom, try out the world’s fastest limo… a stretch Ferrari 360 Modena that can get up to 170 miles per hour.

The World’s Largest Bicycles

(Images via quickrelease, vinothkumarmallworldscars)

Why not? Is all these giant bicycle creators can say when asked why they decided to put together such ridiculously large rides. These bikes are clearly not easy to ride, so I would recommend enjoying them from a distance.