Re-Faced: 24 Poke-Worthy Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook changes can often cause a landslide of creativity, as all the artsy types and tech-inclined push the limits. The new Facebook Timeline, with its new cover image, is the perfect playground for those who want to impress their friends.

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Why not use the cover photo as a way to show off favorite personal images in a new and interesting way? Toss up some polaroids of the good old days, and they’ll be emphasized a whole lot more than they would be if they were tossed into a dusty album nested deeply inside your profile.

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It’s important to have fun when adjusting a profile. Eye-catching images and manipulated backgrounds can showcase new facets of one’s personality… and that’s the whole point of a profile, isn’t it?

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The best Facebook Timeline cover photos step outside the box to display a quick scene or quirky setup for the rest of the page. Some careful planning and photo-editing software is all one needs to be the talk of the newsfeed.

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Use the integration of the cover image and your profile picture carefully. With the right tweaking, the cover image can replace the need for the profile photo, and become newsworthy in its own right.

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The huge area at the top of the Timeline is perfect to advertise one’s pet causes. This area can be the perfect space to share important ideas with friends and family.

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Art fans can put themselves directly into their favorite galleries, or slip their photo into some of the most famous masterpieces.

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One of the easiest ways to customize a cover image is to add a profile picture like normal, and then overlay it over a humorous scene. Animal lovers will immediately see the benefits of this design.

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Nostalgic for old videogame favorites? Make everyone happy by adding an old school flair to the newest in social media tech.