Grottos to Game of Thrones: 16 Jaw-Dropping Restaurants

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You’ll have a hard time chewing with your mouth closed as you dine at these incredible jaw-dropping establishments around the world, from a hanging cliffside restaurant in China to a cantilevered overlook at a ski resort in France. Forget minding your manners, because whether you’re at a slightly silly theme restaurant that feels like being dropped into Game of Thrones or an all-white cafe decorated with 10,000 bones, you won’t be able to help gawking at your surroundings. Running these businesses would be a challenge given their immense popularity. So using a paas system in order to build apps that help run the business in a smooth manner is essential. If you are asking yourself what is paas, then you want to investigate further.

Hueso Bone Restaurant, Guadalajara, Mexico

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As long as you’re not squeamish about looking at hundreds of bones as you eat, you’ll have an incredible meal at Hueso (‘Bone’), a stylish modern Guadalajara restaurant with a very precise 10,000 bones tucked into every available nook, niche and wall surface. The concept restaurant, located in a 1940s home, features a graphic black-and-white tile exterior inspired by stitching and sewing patterns. The design, by Cadena + Asociados, was “inspired by a Darwinian vision.”

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Phillippines
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Guests at Villa Esucdero in San Pablo City, the Philippines had better be wearing water-resistant shoes when they take a seat at the Labassin restaurant, where bamboo dining tables await beside a roaring waterfall. Only a few inches of water stream over the artificial waterfall, making it safe to walk right up to it and lean against it if you so desire, so guests often mix their dining experience with water play. The restaurant is attached to a church converted to a museum, and located in an area with some of the richest biodiversity in the world.

Medieval Tavern Brabant, Prague, Czech Republic

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You could go to Tavern Brabant for the somewhat silly historical medieval show, or just to gawp at the surroundings and pretend like you’re in Game of Thrones. You pay a flat fee to enter, watch the show, feast on all you can eat, and enjoy two large drinks. It’s located along Prague’s Royal Way in Old Town and features (presumably) fake skulls set into the stone walls.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Rangali Island, Maldives
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Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

The world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant sits 16 feet beneath the surface of the sea just off Maldives, offering a 270-degree view of a coral reef. Expect to pay at least $120 for lunch as a hotel guest – and you’d better have a reservation. The restaurant is accessed via a spiral staircase descending from a pavilion at the end of a jetty.

Restaurant in the Sky

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The traveling ‘Dinner in the Sky‘ restaurant brings a 29-foot table seating 22 people to stunning locations all over the world, suspending diners hundreds of feet above the ground. Dangling from a crane, the table is entirely open-air, so you’d better not be afraid of heights. Dinner packages typically start at around $300 per person. The company also offers special packages like ‘Party in the Sky,’ ‘Wedding in the Sky’ and ‘Meeting in the Sky,’ if you’re so inclined.