POD in Singapore: High-Class Hostel Meets Capsule Hotel

pod hotel bedroom capsules

Full of small surprises, this minimalist modern urban retreat blends elements of a free-for-all hostel of bunk beds for college backpackers and high-end hotels catering to business executives.

pod capsule bedroom details

At The POD in Singapore, designed by Formwerkz, guests stay in variously-sized capsules reminiscent of radical pod hotels in places like Tokyo or Hong Kong, but with warm materials (primarily wood and stone), soft lighting and tactile finishes one might expect from a traditional suite in Kyoto or Beijing.

pod hostel room types

pod hotel interior design

The bedrooms are semi-private affairs – slots in the walls you can slip into with a curtain you can pull down for privacy, but no actual door or solid space divider. A private desk folds down from the wall and private reading light lets you set your own hours for sleeping at night.

pod hotel amenities various

For security, separate cubby lockers below beds and shoe lockers in the main space let you keep valuables out of reach. Common areas provide both lounge and meeting spaces as well as private office pods for getting work or calls down out of sight.

pod space common rooms

pod hotel bathroom

The washrooms with basin sinks and broad mirrors are open and shared, but the bathroom stalls inside of them (including a smaller sink, shower, toilet and mirror) are closed and private, resulting in a blend of semi-public yet also personal restrooms .