Glassy Masterpieces: Where Art & Glass Creatively Intersect


Although there are differing schools of thought and even controversy about whether it is a liquid or a solid, glass can make a unique artistic medium. Blown glass pieces are always one of a kind, but a creative mind can use nearly any type of glass to create beauty or boldness in art. Glass bottles are a popular component of artwork because they are so versatile and can lend themselves to a wide variety of concepts.

Public Glass Art Installations



(images via: cosmic_bandita, elainegreycats)

Shiny and smooth, these glass spheres are incredible to look at and nearly beg to be touched.  The Light Globe in Mountain View, California is spectacular as the sun glints off its surface during the day and is a showstopper at night when it radiates light from inside.  The globe sphere  welcomes guests on a Royal Carriabean cruise ship and hints at adventures to be had in travel.

Stunning Glass Containers



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Vintage glass bottles hold an indescribable charm that is hard to duplicate.    Treasured for decades, these gems have weathered time without nicks, cracks or crazing.  More modern glass containers are often hand-painted or decorated by artists who hope that their work will also be loved enough to become heirlooms.

Bright Ideas



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When that bulb burns out, its usefulness is not necessarily over.  Glass bulbs, while great for providing light, can also make fantastic recycled art pieces as well.  All it takes is an idea or inspiration to convert something like a blown out lightbulb from trash to artistic treasure.  Hand-blown glass bulbs are works of art in themselves, but as you can see, it gets far more interesting and unusual when there is art within art.  These types of pieces prompt us to think and wonder – How did that happen?

Living Art


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Many people have attractive houseplants, but terrariums provide an entire environment for your living art.  Artfully arranged stones, plants and other natural props create a world within a world that can be beautiful to see.  Terrariums are an ideal choice for nature lovers who crave an artful display indoors.  This type of art can also keep your treasured plants safe from pets.

Etched Impressions





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Taking an ordinary glass bottle and recycling it into something amazing is an incredible talent.  These etched glass art pieces are nothing short of wonderful.  They are often painstakingly etched by hand, with every attention given to minute details.  The end result is breathtakingly beautiful art, on a medium many people would have thrown away or sent for recycling without a second glance.

Collectible Glass Art



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Many people are captivated as children by snow globes.  These worlds within spheres of glass, while fragile, are meant to be shaken.   So many people are delighted by snow globes that they are a popular collectible item for adults and children alike.  The appeal may be the feel of the smooth glass in your hand, or the lure of the tiny world inside waiting to be disrupted.  Whatever it may be about these little works of art, we are drawn to them.

Sailing Away





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There’s something intrinsically fascinating about a ship inside a bottle.  Building a model ship through the neck of a glass bottle takes patience, a steady hand and nerves of steel.  When complete, this type of art makes a handsome home display the artist can take pride in.  Whether minature, antique or spiked with humor, boats in bottles intrigue us.